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2519 E. Highway 190

Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Nothing is worse than walking out to your car, to find it missing. Auto theft occurs anywhere, and at any time. Texas is currently ranked second in auto thefts across the country, behind only California! Protect your automobile with a Compustar Alarm. Compustar products are backed by a lifetime limited warranty, an are one of the few companies that offer a truly customizable solution to fit your needs. 2-way, 1-way, LCD screen, 1-mile range, you want it, they can provide it.

Remote start systems are becoming more and more common on new vehicles. Why? Because manufacturers know the convenience of having a remote start system. However, what if you vehicle did not come with one? Compustar has you v=covered there as well, even including remote temperature monitoring that will automatically start your car in cold or hot weather. Imagine no longer getting into a freezing cold car with an inch of ice on it, or not worrying about your baby sitting in a 120 degree car seat. Remote start systems by Compustar are not simply for convenience, they are for comfort!

Alarms and Vehicle Integration

iDatalink products are built to work hand in hand with Compustar branded car alarms and remote start systems, but can work with many other brands. Their BLADE cartridge system eliminates the need for a secondary off board data bypass, requiring less room under what is normally an already overstuffed lower dash. Most vehicles produced after 1992 require a data bypass in order for remote start systems to work properly, without eliminating the on-board security system, if your vehicle is so equipped. Click on the link above or on the logo to find out what fits your car, and call us for your quote!


What fits my car?